Erika Lieschen Treanor

Silk Scarf Enquiry

A body of work that illustrates the possibilities of love, companionship, and family relationships that can bond between felis, human, and environment.

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L'histoire de L'écharpe félis

They arrive in the room, shoulder rolling, energy flowing - folding and unfolding like silk. Their movement is unpredicted and uncalculated. We on the other hand are calculated in our clumsiness. We apologise for our presence as soon as we enter a space, while they leap from wall to corner back to wall and leave no impression that they were there. They perceive the space yet leave no impact.

I begin by laying the bones of charcoal which house my memories and reveal the tissues of empathy expressed on canvas. Rhythm becomes motion: a dance of expanding and contracting; gestural lines reveal and conceal the spirit of source described in the depths of fluid oils.

My works are an invitation to explore vulnerability and somatic movement breathing in the body. Each work reveals layers of mark making upon mark making; memories embedded in the mind, body, and spirit. In many ways, I like to approach my work in the same way the human body is formed: establish ground, develop boundaries, create a mix of fluid and dense materials to protect, feed and move the subject matter. As playful as my muse is in its effortless fluid movement, I am very much aware of my want to hold on to the preciousness of their life cycle.

The Felis is instinctively both internally resourceful and yet dependent on the rhythm and flow of external resources. This is what feeds my need to share how we must support the wellbeing of our four-legged brothers and sisters.

Whilst what I am sharing is simply what flows from my heart and resides on a surface, there is also a greater mission to spread awareness of the importance on conserving the felis species.

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